MONSTA X’s Shownu Showed the Manliest Response to a Fan’s Mention of Lamb Skewers

He even did a body wave.

MONSTA X recently met with fans where a fan announced that they were going to eat lamb skewers after the event and Shownu showed the most original and manly response ever.



When he heard this reveal, Shownu howled and made a gesture that appeared to be a sign of approval.

He even did a body wave that showed off his manly charms.

On top of that, he reenacted how most eat lamb skewers and added the detail of chewing his imaginary skewer.

Not only did Shownu’s response prove how much he loves lamb skewers, but it also goes to show how adorable and masculine he can be at the same time.

MONSTA X is currently on their 18-city world tour, WE ARE HERE which will go on until coming August.

Source: Dispatch