MONSTA X’s Shownu Relives His Past As Lee Hyori’s Backup Dancer

MONSTA X were all for it.

For Lee Hyori‘s “Bad Girls” promotions back in 2013, MONSTA X‘s Shownu was one of her backup dancers.


He was alongside former MADTOWN member Jota, now Lee Jong Hwa, who is now also a part of Starship Entertainment.

The past came up when MONSTA X had to guess the song title and artist’s name from hearing a short clip of it. As soon as “Bad Girls” played, I.M pointed to Shownu, shouting, “You danced to this song! Don’t you know this song?” Minhyuk cuddled up with Shownu, trying to get the answer out of him.

Shownu’s age was showing because he couldn’t seem to remember. Joohoney jumped up and announced the answer to everyone, with Kihyun popping up beside him while motioning the signature dance move.

“Bad Girls” by Lee Hyori!

Since he was the one who’d got it right rather than Shownu, he danced to the song along with Minhyuk, poking fun at Shownu for getting it wrong when he was the one who was a part of it.

You were the dancer!

When the song played in full, everyone jammed out to it. It was the perfect opportunity for Shownu to bust out those old dance moves. They were so excited that they encouraged him to.

To everyone’s excitement, Shownu still had some of those moves in his memory and stepped right into the choreography.

It might’ve been six years ago, but he still has the moves. Watch Shownu forget then remember his past here.