MONSTA X Shownu’s Lamb Skewer Reaction Is Making Even Idols Become His Fan

“I also fell for Shownu when I came across his lamb skewer video.”

MONSTA X‘s Shownu showed a move at a past fan signing that was so fitting for lamb skewers that everyone couldn’t get over it.

And there’s still talk about it, even from another idol who appreciated it just as much.

During an episode of Star Wars, Golden Child‘s Jangjun said that he fell for Shownu when he saw the lamb skewer clip. And, fellow member Jaehyun even copied the move.

Since JBJ95‘s Kenta hadn’t seen the clip, Jangjun explained that MONSTA X had asked fans what they were going to eat after the fan signing. So, one of them had shouted out “lamb skewers.” And, that’s when Shownu’s quick thinking went viral.

Jangjun once again shared how impressed he’d been, and it was what made him fall for Shownu. And, they used it as an example of a weird way to fall for someone. Then, Jangjun gave two thumbs up before they included the clip in question.

See Jangjun gush over “Shownu sunbae-nim” here.