MONSTA X Spills On Which Member Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse The Longest

“He’s already like a zombie.”

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show to perform their song “You Can’t Hold My Heart” from their latest album All About Luv, MONSTA X played a few rounds of “Most Likely To.”

The first question kicked off the game on a funny note. The show asked the group which member would be able to survive the longest if a zombie apocalypse suddenly broke out. They all seemed to agree there was one person who’d fare the best.

With I.M and Kihyun turning around, Minhyuk and Shownu joined them in pointing to no one but Hyungwon. Wanting to hear the specific reason why, to see if they all would agree on that as well, Kihyun asked I.M to explain.

He kept it short and sweet. There wasn’t any complicated reason like being crafty with materials or quick in adjusting to situations. Instead, I.M said, “Cause he’s already like a zombie.” The answer made them burst into laughter.

While Hyungwon had started off smiling, he was even cracking up about how accurate it was. No one could deny it, though. Kihyun stated, “I agree,” while Minhyuk shouted, “Yeah! Correct.”

If you’ve ever seen him in his natural habitat, the zombie-like Hyungwon definitely appears to be the best person to stick close to.

Whether you’ll need tips on how to lay low or how a zombie moves, he’s the safest bet.

See MONSTA X poke fun at Hyungwon already being a zombie, giving him the ultimate chance of survival.