MONSTA X Want To Choreograph An Underwater Performance

What do you think about this idea?

MONSTA X have often done performances in the water, whether it was for a music video or a live show. During this year’s Golden Disk Awards, they took it one step further and performed their song “Nobody Else” in pools of water!

Half of the choreography was done in the water before they got up and continued dancing while still in their wet clothes.

Later (and in dry clothes), they got the chance to watch and react to their performance for the Golden Disk Awards’ official YouTube channel.

Rapper I.M informed his members that the stage director of the show had a water performance in mind, and when picking which group should be the one to do it, they automatically picked MONSTA X!

The group was touched and proud that they were known for such a unique type of performance. They then began discussing how they’ve now danced in the water while both standing and lying down, and were stumped on what to do next.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

“We have no other water things left to do!” said vocalist Minhyuk.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

However, Minhyuk was full of good ideas: he suggested that they try synchronized diving and swimming with dolphins.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

The rest of the group readily agreed and are up for the challenge. “We are ready for underwater filming,” stated main vocalist Kihyun.

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

They then asked their fans as well as the Golden Disk Awards producers to let them know if that’s what they’d like to see next, that way they can start preparing for it already!

| Golden Disc Awards/YouTube

Their 36th Golden Disk Awards performance is clearly already shaping up to be iconic!

Source: YouTube