MONSTA X’s Wonho Tweeted A Selfie In A Ripped Shirt, But No One Is Looking At The Shirt

“We really got the finest man in Kpop huh.”

MONSTA X‘s Wonho has strong game when it comes to taking and tweeting selfies. Monbebes have countlessly been blessed with Wonho flexing his A+ visual on social media whenever he gets the chance.


His latest tweet, however, has topped all of his previous ones and immediately claimed its place as Wonho’s most thirst-trapping, steamiest one ever!

Monbebes, you all had lunch, right?

— Wonho


In the picture, Wonho is posing in a white sleeveless that is ripped and worn, but no Monbebe is paying attention to the condition of the shirt. Fans are completely mesmerized by Wonho’s kissy face…


… and those guns!


Here’s more of Wonho-in-a-sleeveless-top for your eyes, you’re welcome!