MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Ranks His Members’ Performances On “We Bare Bears” In A Newly Released Interview

According to Hyungwon, this is how the members did.

A special behind the scenes look at MONSTA X‘s dubbing of their We Bare Bears episode has been released and in the video Hyungwon picked who he thought did the best.

Being the humble king that he is, he gave himself 2 points out of 10, although Monbebe know he deserves far more than that.

After hearing Hyungwon’s self-score of 2, Wonho asked what Hyungwon would rank him. He was definitely surprised when Hyungwon gave him 9 points.

Hyungwon gave Joohoney 10 out of 10 points, and no one was surprised.

Even just watching the behind the scenes it’s no secret that Joohoney was on fire.


All of the members trespassed further into Monbebe’s hearts after their episode of We Bare Bears aired, and now Monbebe can see just how the dubbing process went in the video below: