MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Reveals Details On His New Friendship With VIXX’s Hongbin

They’re already closer than anyone thought.

During an interview about food with Allure Korea, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon was asked all sorts of questions, one of which revealed a memory he had of Shownu.

Another question asked if he and VIXX‘s Hongbin had similar tastes in food, and Hyungwon honestly didn’t have an answer. Since recently meeting for the first time for their collaboration song, they hadn’t had time to eat together yet.

But, he did reveal what his relationship with the VIXX member was like. Hongbin had approached him first, and they were able to get close through talking a lot with each other, especially since they’re both the same age.

Hyungwon was quick to say that Hongbin is a nice person. Because Hongbin has been busy and Hyungwon has been as well by preparing for their We Are Here world tour, they haven’t been able to meet outside of practicing and shooting.

Despite their busy schedules, they both made a promise to meet whenever they’re free. And, Hyungwon said he’d like to take Hongbin to a BBQ restuarant he knows well if they do share the same tastes in food.

It seems like the collaboration has truly created a genuine friendship between them. Listen to Hyungwon talk about his new friend Hongbin here.