MONSTA X’s I.M Once Made A Television Audience Burst Out Laughing With An Adult Joke About Why The Group Is Called “Monsta”

I.M doesn’t keep it family-friendly

MONSTA X’s I.M may be the maknae of the group, but that doesn’t make him any less fearless.

Many of MONSTA X’s fans have expressed appreciation for I.M’s numerous quirks and boldness to go beyond the expectations placed on him as an idol.

K-Pop idols often have their public behaviour tightly regulated, to prevent scandal or controversy that could tarnish their career.

But much to the amusement of fans and the other MONSTA X members, I.M is an idol who doesn’t mind crossing the line.

In the past, the MONSTA X members were invited on the variety show Vitamin which aims to have a frank discussion to provide valuable information to the public.

Vitamin hasn’t shied away from covering mature topics like sex or childbirth, for the point of providing factual medical information to viewers.

This particular episode did not go easy on the guests, even with MONSTA X as their idol guests.

The topic of the episode was “Protect my man’s prostate” which focused on the impact of prostate diseases, especially on older men.

When asked, I.M confessed that he didn’t know much about the prostate.

In response, one of the female guests wondered how he didn’t know much information, considering he “carries” it around.

Meanwhile, the episode’s medical expert explained that men could encounter prostatism, where as the prostate gets larger, it can press down on the urethra to narrow the urine path.

Hence, the expert highlighted that one sign a man could pay attention to for an indication of prostate health is his urinary stream.

Considering the members of MONSTA X are still in their twenties, they were asked whether they would apply this knowledge.

MONSTA X, you can just hear the sound and know if they’re in good health, right?

Without missing a beat, I.M responded with a comment about how MONSTA X got their name.

Our team, we’re not called MONSTA for no reason

The entire audience and guest panel erupted with laughter at I.M’s innuendo joke.

Meanwhile, the members burst out laughing, with Kihyun being shown speechless at I.M’s response.

This wasn’t even the last time I.M publicly made an inappropriate joke.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, I.M once again made a similar joke, by stating that he gets his masculinity from having a schlong.

Fans will be happy to know that this is definitely not the last inappropriate joke that I.M will be making.

The only question is whether I.M will get the chance to say it on national television again.


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