I.M Reveals Who He Thinks Is The “Funniest” Member Of MONSTA X

Who would you pick?

After ASTRO‘s JinJin and PENTAGON‘s Kino revealed that they wanted MONSTA X’s I.M on the show, their wishes came true, and he was the latest guest on DIVE Studiospodcast UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO.

As always, any new guest on the show takes part in some ice-breaker questions. The first one for I.M was whether he was the funniest member of the group.

Without even a second thought, I.M answered a definite no, even adding, “I’m the most boring one.”

Kino then added that he understood because many have said the same about his role in PENTAGON, but he doesn’t think it’s always a bad thing. He even added that it was one of the things he liked the most about I.M.

When I’m next to you, your slow diction makes me feel soothed. I love that.


When asked who he thought the funniest member in the group was, I.M explained that it was Shownu.

He doesn’t do it intentionally, but he’s so funny!


I.M then added that he was really curious and looking forward to seeing what Shownu does in the future. JinJin said that it was because he has a combination of power but also innocence about him.

However, Kino added that he thought several of the members could be seen as the “funniest.”

Even though it wasn’t a responsibility they felt, I.M explained that Kihyun, Minhyuk, and Joohoney had an extroverted personality which helps them hold the title of being funny.

Even though I.M doesn’t class himself as the “funniest” in the group, he still has so much charisma like the rest of MONSTA X!

You can watch the whole episode below.

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