MONSTA X’s I.M Wants To Create An Island Just For Fans

He already has a name for it.

MONSTA X played “Tower Of Truth” with PopBuzz, answering all sort of questions like what they’d do in unexpected situations.

They were asked what they’d buy if someone gave them $1 million, and they had some very different answers. As a fan of cars, Kihyun would buy an Aston Martin as soon as the money reached his hands.

Joohoney joked that he wanted to buy an island but not just any island: clothing brand Stone Island.

Then, I.M came to destroy all of their choices with the creation of an island just for fans called “Monbebe Land,” which would be modeled after Disneyland.

If I.M’s idea were to come true, fans would love a special place just for them. Listen to their unique choices here.