MONSTA X’s Joohoney’s Appearance On Produce X 101 Was Predicted By MONBEBE

MONBEBEs are now certified fortune tellers.

It had been revealed weeks ago that MONSTA X‘s songs “Trespass” and “Dramarama” would be used for the first round of group evaluations for the Produce X 101 trainees.

MONBEBE had come to the conclusion that one or two of the MONSTA X members would appear on the show as a coach to instruct the trainees. The guesses had been Shownu and Joohoney.

Only one member of MONSTA X will be appearing, and they were correct in guessing Joohoney. Mnet released a teaser for the next episode of Produce X 101, and he was seated among the coaches (second from the right).

MONBEBE know MONSTA X so well that they were able to whittle down the two members most likely to take on the role and were even correct in their guesses, if only partly.

To check MONBEBEs’ guess for yourself, watch the teaser here. Will you be tuning in to watch the trainees cover “Trespass” and “Dramarama”?