MONSTA X’s Joohoney’s Tearful Reunion With Former Starship Trainee Will Make You Cry Too

You’ll feel all the feels.

During MONSTA X‘s Joohoney‘s appearance on Produce X 101, he checked on the teams of trainees that were covering “Dramarama” and “Trespass”.


He also checked in on the team covering SEVENTEEN‘s “Adore U”, and that’s where he saw a very familiar face in SidusHQ trainee Park Sunho. He’s an actor that has starred in multiple dramas and a close friend of BTS‘s Suga.

Sunho couldn’t believe what he was seeing and had to ask what was happening.

He was so taken aback that tears sprang to his eyes as Joohoney debated whether to refer to him as hyung or something more formal, finally settling on “Park Sunho trainee.” A sad moment passed between them upon realizing their current positions.

Then, Joohoney recalled his past with Sunho when they had trained together under Starship Entertainment. The fact that he used to call him hyung as they had fun together preparing to debut brought him to tears.

They shared special memories together as trainees, and it must be hard to be separated and following different paths. Watch Joohoney and Sunho’s touching reunion here.