MONSTA X’s Kihyun Reveals SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s True Personality With These Text Messages

Who knew Mingyu had this side to him?

SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X have been friends for a long time, so Kihyun decided to share some funny text messages between him and Mingyu, showing another side of the latter’s personality.


Kihyun had originally contacted Mingyu to simply ask for Seungkwan‘s phone number.

This made Mingyu instantly ask, “Why Seungkwan’s number, why!” Then, he followed it by pointing out that it had been a while since Kihyun had contacted him and he hadn’t even been concerned about how he was doing.

So, Kihyun assuaged Mingyu by asking if he’d been doing well but still maintained that he’d had one specific reason for texting him: Seungkwan’s number. And, Mingyu joked that he wouldn’t give it, especially since Kihyun hadn’t told him why.

Mingyu hadn’t heard from his friend in a while, so he just wanted to know that Kihyun cared about how he was doing. If he couldn’t, he at least wanted to know all the details. Mingyu may look cool on stage, but he’s just as curious and dramatic as everyone else off of it.