MONSTA X’s Meme King Hyungwon Rises Again With His Reaction To MONBEBE At A Jeolla Sports Festival

Hyungwon is the meme that keeps on giving.

MONSTA X performed at the Gochang Jeollabukdo Municipal Sports Festival on May 10, and the members were shocked when they found out just how long their MONBEBEs were waiting for their show.

I.MMinhyuk and Kihyun can be heard voicing their shock that MONBEBE waited for over eight hours just to see them, but Hyungwon steals the show once again with his hilarious response… or lack thereof.

For at least five seconds Hyungwon is standing there completely silent, mouth open wide and jaw centimeters from the floor. At one point he takes a breath as if to speak, but he can’t push through the shock to find the words. (hyungwon.exe has crashed)

One MONBEBE captured the perfect screenshot to make this perfect meme even better.

Hyungwon has made numerous headlines worldwide for his meme-ness, and this will likely soon be added to his ever growing repertoire  of self-made memes.

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