MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Is Not A Morning Person And It’s Relatable AF

He’s a whole mood.

MONSTA X went to the airport to catch an early flight to Malaysia for a stop on their world tour We Are Here.

Just like the chill guys they are, they were dressed casually and happy to greet photographers and fans.

They were so relaxed that Wonho could be seen taking a sip from his coffee. But, there was someone that clearly wasn’t a morning person.

Minhyuk was captured with his eyes closed and his hair tousled. It was as if he’d rolled out of bed and wanted to roll back into it. Who hasn’t had this moment when waking up in the morning?

When his eyes opened, he looked far from being fully awake. It seemed like Wonho wasn’t the only one who needed coffee.

As an idol, he most likely gets only a few hours of sleep. So, it’s understandable he’d be more than a little tired.

Since they were soon boarding their flight, hopefully he got the rest he needed because happy Minhyuk is the best Minhyuk.