MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Reveals That Joohoney Would Get Arrested For This Reason And Monbebe Totally Agree

Joohoney is definitely guilty of this.

During MONSTA X‘s Tower of Truth interview/Jenga game with PopBuzz, Wonho was asked which member was most likely to be arrested.

Each of the members looked around kind of stunned at the question (after the “which member would help you bury a body” question, I.M. was done), but Minhyuk had the perfect answer: Joohoney.


Joohoney had been previously picked as the “nightmare” on tour, so he was surely expecting the reason to be something bad, but Minhyuk – as Minhyuk does – shocked everyone with the actual reason. Minhyuk said Joohoney would be arrested for being too cute.

Minhyuk has never been shy of letting people know just how cute he thinks Joohoney. In Minhyuk’s book, Joohoney is the cutest man on the planet. Hearing Minhyuk say this brought all of Joohoney’s inherent cuteness to the forefront and he instantly turned into a flower boy (literally…).

Watch MONSTA X’s epic Jenga game below: