MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Is Waiting For Beyonce To Call Him

He’s sitting by the phone right now.

MONSTA X played a game of Collaboration Stick-or-Twist with Capital FM To decide the artist that would be their ultimate collaboration.


With their final choice being between Ed Sheeran and Beyonce, everyone instantly knew the correct choice.

Joohoney even threw his hands up while Kihyun twisted them down so they could announce it together.

Then, they all yelled, “Beyonce,” with Kihyun adding, “We want to collaborate with you.” Joohoney was so excited he strongly suggested, “Right now,” while Shownu waved. But, it was Minhyuk‘s enthusiasm that took the cake.

Without any hesitation, he announced, “Call me.” And, he was so excited about it that he interrupted I.M by saying, “Call me,” once more as he did a happy dance.

MONSTA X are clearly interested in collaborating with Beyonce, especially Minhyuk. Watch their excitement over the mere thought here.