MONSTA X’s Official Twitter Mistook Shownu For Kihyun And Monbebe Are Convinced Their American PR Team Is To Blame

Seems like they still can’t get it together.

After MONSTA X‘s official Twitter account tweeted that uncharacteristically “clout chasing” tweet last week, it seems their new American PR team is back at it again, this time with a borderline disrespectful tweet.

On July 3, MONSTA X’s Twitter account posted a picture of Wonho and Shownu from their “Mirror” stage during their ongoing <We Are Here> World Tour, and instead of Shownu, Kihyun was tagged instead. The account has since deleted and reuploaded the tweet with the correct member tagged, but not before Monbebe and member Minhyuk himself took notice.

In MONSTA X’s fancafé, Minhyuk uploaded a screenshot of the original tweet with Kihyun’s name x’d out and replaced with Shownu’s. As a caption he put “Just in case Monbebes get confused”. He went on further to explain for those who didn’t know, that Kihyun was in no way involved in Wonho & Shownu’s duo stage, and that Kihyun instead was a part of a unit stage with Minhyuk.

A dead giveaway that this was their American PR Team (aside from the fact that the members would most likely never mix themselves up) is the fact that the tweet was entirely in English. Usually the members will use hashtags with the Korean spelling of their names and group name, but this tweet lacked both.

It makes sense that Epic Records would hire a PR team to oversee coverage of the world tour and other promotional content on MONSTA X’s Twitter account, but fans are rightfully upset at the inexcusable lack of attention being paid to the group.

MONSTA X is a hard working, talented group of individuals who deserve a team behind them that respect them and take them seriously.