MONSTA X’s Hilarious Self Portraits For Japanese Magazine CanCam Have Resurfaced

What they may lack in drawing skills, they make up for with their beautiful voices.

MONSTA X was featured in Japanese magazine CanCam to talk about their debut in Japan back in 2017. Alongside the interview, they were asked to draw portraits of themselves. While some members showed artistic promise, other members…


Wonho proved there’s nothing he can’t do with this drawing that calls to mind the loner-bad boy-main character of a Webtoon. Wonho has always been the artist of the group, showing his skills once more for the American TV Show, TRL, where he drew another member in 60 seconds.


Shownu included his hair cut, his plump lips, and even his right eye that is smaller than his left. We stan a detailed king!



Minhyuk perfectly captures his flower boy fairy prince aura, complete down to the sparkles above his head. The only difference is that there might actually be more sparkles in real life.


Kihyun‘s drawing seems friendly enough, but then there’s the red eyes… We may never know whether those are red x’s or the sharingan in his eyes, but either way it’s menacing.


Jooheon gave himself a cross shaped tattoo under his right eye and a messier hairstyle, but he left his signature dimples in tact. This might be the Jooheon that he wants us to see, but under his hard exterior MONBEBEs will always know he’s a softie.


I.M didn’t include hair, a head, or a body, but he at least made sure not to finish his drawing without adding music notes!


Meme King Hyungwon drew himself with heavy lines and even heavier eyebrows!