MONSTA X’s Shownu Had The Best Response When Joohoney Asked Him Where His Sexiness Comes From

This is why Shownu is so sexy.

During a V LIVE broadcast on August 4, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney said he admired and envied Shownu‘s sexiness on stage. Who came blame him, though? Monbebe know MONSTA X’s leader exudes a sexy stage presence that can’t be replicated.

When Joohoney asked where all of his sexiness comes from, Shownu said that all of that sexiness is thanks to Monbebe.

Being one of “Monbebe’s men” gives Shownu all the confidence to give his all on stage every time.

It’s thanks to all the Monbebe’s undying support and love for MONSTA X that Shownu and the rest of the members are always able to show Monbebe their best selves.