MONSTA X’s Shownu Tops Real-Time Korean Searches After His Appearance On Radio Star

Shownu was a hit with viewers.

MONSTA X may have another viral meme king on their hands. After his appearance on Radio Star, Shownu found himself at the top of the Naver real-time search, and number 10 on the Daum real-time search.

It comes as no surprise why netizens were infatuated with Shownu after the show; there were so many gems from that one broadcast. In one clip, the hosts bring up his lamb skewers meme, his response to which was also memeworthy. (A meme within a meme)

He also showcased his sexy appeal by his and Jooheon‘s dance to Ariana Grande‘s “Side To Side”.

And then there’s the now-famous “I’m like a banana” moment that sent comedienne Ahn Young Mi into a spiral.

MONSTA X’s Shownu Says He’s “Like A Banana” And This Comedian Couldn’t Control Her Dirty Mind