MONSTA X’s Wonho Did The Lord’s Work By Trying To Expose Hyungwon’s Abs During Their Japanese Concert

Hyungwon has been protecting his abs for such a long time.

MONSTA X has a history of their members trying to expose each other’s bodies on stage. Wonho is their resident muscle man, and his shirt flies off routinely during their shows, much to MONBEBEs enjoyment. The other members, however, usually only show some skin when they’re caught slipping by their members.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun Is The Real MVP For Trying To Reveal Everyone’s Abs

The latest target of the ab exposé was Hyungwon. During the group’s May 3 PICNIC concert in Japan, Wonho decided it was about time that Hyungwon’s abs be exposed after Kihyun‘s failed attempt a week prior.

By now, Hyungwon is a seasoned professional in defending his abs, so Wonho wasn’t able to get far, only being able to show MONBEBE Hyungwon’s back. He did get farther than Kihyun, though, which was a win for him and for MONBEBE.

Wonho was very proud of himself

Hyungwon hasn’t voluntarily shown his abs since “Hero” era when almost all of the boys would lift up their shirt for the choreography.