MONSTA X’s I.M Shares The Lip Tint That Only He Uses Out Of All The Members But It’s Already Sold Out

Unfortunately, it’s already been sold out.

MONSTA X has just gotten back from the US after a successful tour in December 2021. During their first return to their regular radio program, Midnight Idol, I.M kept his promise to fans. Before they left for their month long tour, I.M promised fans that he would share the exact shade of the lip tint he’s been using for ages.

So about the lip product I use, it’s one I’ve been using since previously. It’s probably the Dior Lip Tattoo. I wasn’t going to tell you guys. The information on this is so precious. I know the shade number too. It’s all sold out in Korea so you have to buy it through direct order from other countries. I’ll tell you guys the shade after I get back from the US.

— I.M

He kept his promise on January 6, 2021. The shade is 491, Natural Rosewood! Sadly for fans, according to I.M, it’s been sold out.

The shade is a very natural rose-toned brown-red, suitable for most skintones!

He further shared that out of all the members, he’s the only one that uses the shade.

  • Kihyun: “How do you know the shade so well?”
  • I.M: “Cuz I use only that one.”
  • Kihyun: “Is it the one we all use?”
  • I.M: “I mean I also use others but this is the shade that I use separately.”

We’d love to get our hands on it too! BRB, running to the department store just in case!