Monsta X’s IM And NCT’s Taeyong Wore The Same Pants Style, But Served Completely Different Vibes

“…did someone kidnap the stylist?”

NCT has always been known for their difficult to understand fashion sense, thanks to their stylist. It’s not every day that you see other idols in the extremely difficult styles that NCT has had to pull off! While these pants on Taeyong during the “Punch” era may have given NCTzens mixed feelings…

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…fans were even more shocked to discover that the style had resurfaced on MONSTA X‘s IM a whole year and a half later. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the denim-shorts-layered-over-black-pants combo in MONSTA X’s teaser for “Rush Hour”. IM pairs it with a fringed leather jacket and a studded belt.

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Here’s a closer look at the shorts. While they’re not 100% the same pair, they sure rocked the style in different ways.

Fans were naturally a little taken aback at the style.

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  • “(From NCTzen) We’re sorry about this…”
  • “I’m really sorry but how did NCTzens stand this…? My heart just sank from this one time.”
  • “People kept saying they were jealous because of MONSTA X’s stylist so did someone kidnap the stylist?”

MONSTA X was known for their classy and sexy suit styling that sent fans into a tizzy. Here’s them from their “Love Killa” era.

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On the other hand, NCT has always been known for their out-of-the-box, experimental styling.

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Who do you think rocked the pants better? We love seeing groups try on new styles and high fashion! Meanwhile, be sure to catch MONSTA X’s teaser for “Rush Hour” below. Their comeback drops on November 19, 2021!

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