Billie’s Moon Sua Already Has Dozens Of Pre-Debut Photos Online Thanks To Her Famous Brother

She may be a rookie, but her pre-debut face is everywhere.

Rookie girl group Billie recently made their debut on November 10, 2021 and the girls have already made quite a splash in the K-Pop world. Despite having only been officially in the industry for a few days, the rookie girl group has already been making headlines left and right for various reasons.

And in light of all the newfound attention, one member in particular has started to gain even more positive traction for her pre-debut photos that have started to circulate online.

Billie | Mystic Story Entertainment

Member Moon Sua, who has been a well-known trainee far before her official debut, has started to make headlines for her pre-debut photos. Moon Sua’s older brother happens to be ASTRO‘s Moonbin, which means a lot of his childhood photos included her as well. In light of her official debut, these pictures have started to re-circulate online and we are obsessed.

ASTRO’s Moonbin.

In this first photo, we have Moonbin on the left and Moon Sua on the right with their matching head tilts.

Moonbin (left) and Moon Sua (right) | theqoo

Then we have another sibling photograph with the two idols in matching blue outfits and we cannot get over their cuteness.

| theqoo

Here are the two looking a little older, but again in the matching hooded sweatshirts. Where can we get one?

| theqoo

Next up, we have Moon Sua next to another familiar face and this time, it’s none other than former GFRIEND member SinB. Moonbin and SinB are famously known to be childhood friends and were neighbors at one point—which means Moon Sua and SinB were also neighbors.

SinB (white bandana) and Moon Sua (black hat) | theqoo

Here are the three of them in this adorable candid photo. Moon Sua’s facial expression is everything!

Left to right: SinB, Moon Sua, Moonbin | theqoo

These photos are absolutely priceless! We love seeing pre-debut photos of our favorite K-Pop stars and these were no exception. Be sure to check out Billie’s impressive debut with “RING X RING” down below!