MONSTA X’s Shownu Talks About His Lamb Skewer Reaction And Demonstrates More Food Reactions

He has some pretty extraordinary “reaction skills”!

MONSTA X‘s Shownu appeared on a recent episode of Radio Star and talked about his “lamb skewer reaction” video that went viral.

Shownu introduced the famous “lamb skewer GIF“. He explained that after one of their fan sign events, MONSTA X asked the fans what they are going to have for dinner.


When one fan shouted, “Lamb skewers!” Shownu responded with a gesture that showed off his manly charm.


Here is the famous GIF:


The Radio Star hosts praised Shownu for being cute and for his extraordinary reaction after seeing the video clip themselves.

He’s got swag.

ㅡ Ahn Young Mi


Kim Gu Ra then asked if Shownu was capable of making a reaction for all types of foods and asked about Jajangmyeon (Chinese Korean noodle).


Shownu didn’t hesitate to show them his version of a “Jajangmyeon reaction”.


And while he was at it, he even showed them a “banana reaction” as well.


He later confessed that after his “lamb skewer GIF” went viral, he wanted to receive opportunities for advertisements.

I want to film advertisements.

ㅡ Shownu


And with his reaction skills, it seems like he will be filming more and more advertisements in no time!


Check out the full video clip below:

Source: Naver TV