A Mother Asked Transgender YouTuber Pungja To Never Be On TV

She defied her wishes and continued her career.

Rain met the transgender YouTube content creator Pungja in the latest video on his YouTube channel, Season B Season. The two shared a seafood-centered meal while interviewing each other about their lives.

Rain introducing Pungja on Season B SeasonSeason B Season/YouTube

Pungja was curious about Rain’s life as a celebrity, so she asked him whether he had ever encountered any rude fans. He quickly replied that he had not.

Pungja, on the other hand, began to recount a time a young woman approached her and held her hands. Naturally, she thought it was a fan.

Things then turned for the worse when the lady continued saying, “I beg you. I’m very sorry, but could you not appear on TV? I’m afraid my kids might see you on TV. I ask you not to. Just stay on YouTube. Please.

Pungja was devastated and retreated to her car for a smoke. Afterward, she bravely thought that the young mother’s words meant she needed to work harder.

Rain strongly agreed with her mentality since, as a celebrity, they have to accept that not everyone will like them.

Times have changed a lot since Pungja started her career, and she’s been featured in different online variety series such as Turkids On The Block and Street Alcohol Fighter.

Pungja with Super Junior‘s Heechul on Street Alcohol Fighter스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube

Defying the young lady’s wish, Pungja also appeared in the television series Hidden Singer as a guest panelist!

Pungja and comedian Lee Guk Joo on Hidden SingerKCON VOYAGE/YouTube

Her career seems to have just started, and her fans are excited to see where she will appear next.

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