MSCHF Art Collective Includes BTS In Their New York Art Exhibit In An Unexpected Way

The exhibit also includes a locked cell phone with the phone numbers of celebrities in it.

Art collective MSCHF recently opened its first art exhibit in New York and unexpectedly included a piece of art revolving around BTS in it.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

MSCHF’s “No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It” Exhibit | Perrotin

MSCHF stands for miscellaneous mischief, which explains the process behind many of the products it creates for sale. One of the art collective’s most famous for-sale items is its’ boosted packs, card packs that contain things hotel keys, fake IDs of famous people, and actual gift cards. MSCHF was also behind the Lil Nas X collaboration that created the Nike Air Max 97 shoes that contained a drop of real human blood.



Recently the collective opened a physical gallery show, “No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It”, at Perrotin Art Gallery in New York, and has filled the space with plenty of interesting exhibits including a wall of wavy sneakers and a robotic dog equipped with huge guns.

| Perrotin

“Spot’s Revenge” | Perrotin

MSCHF has also included BTS in the exhibit in a somewhat unexpected way.

In one corner of the exhibit, there is a video game section that contains two different games. Opposite of the “chair simulator” game, is an old-school Gameboy setup of the BTS in Battle video game.

| Perrotin

According to the Perrotin site, the BTS in Battle game “images a fantastical version of world-famous Korean boy band BTS’s mandatory military service.” MSCHF also implied that the game was in development before Jin‘s announcement of his upcoming enlistment.

BTS In Battle imagines a fantastical version of world-famous Korean boy band BTS’s mandatory military service. All male Korean citizens are required to perform two years of military service, a policy that has inconvenienced many young Korean pop cultural figures, from musicians to pro-gamers. Politics, nationalism, and equity, war against popularity and cultural influence, and BTS’ international profile has made the issue of their mandatory service a global headline. BTS In Battle speculatively (and absurdly) preempted this cultural flashpoint as an 8-bit videogame, developed for the Game Boy Color.

Ultimately, mere weeks before the debut of BTS In Battle, BTS finally confirmed that they will serve, and are not subject to any policy changes or loopholes.

— Perrotin

Visitors to the galley have shared a bit of the gameplay, and according to an attendee, you’re able to purchase the Gameboy set for $1,200 USD.

| adventurous_ander/TikTok

| Perrotin

MSCHF is known for creating odd works of art, many of which create lawsuits for the art collective, but this may be the first time a K-Pop group has been involved. What do you think?

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