How Much Do Korean Celebrities Pay For A Bodyguard? Industry Veteran Reveals The Astonishing Numbers

Their pay scale is very different than what we think.

Over the past few years, some bodyguards of Korean celebrities have managed to garner their own fandom as more fans pay attention to how hard they work to protect their clients. But how much money does a job like this earn them?

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Choi Seung Hui, a female bodyguard who has been working in the industry since 1998, recently sat down with Asian Boss to talk about various aspects of being a bodyguard in Korea. As a bodyguard, she has worked with elite clients, including Yuna Kim, one of the most celebrated Korean athletes.

According to Choi, the clientele of private security agencies almost always consists of VVIPs, like uber-popular athletes, singers, actors, or chairpersons of huge businesses. Bodyguards are responsible for their security, whether it is among a crowd full of people or in a one-on-one encounter. Given the intensity of the job, however, Choi revealed a shocking amount of pay that most professionals receive.

The price of a bodyguard service varies based on different factors, but according to Choi, it ranges somewhere between $75 USD to $120 USD. For a longer duration of one-on-one service, or in case of additional duties like driving the client around, even the highest range of pay falls within $100 USD per day.

Choi honestly confessed that considering the long working hours of bodyguards, they don’t get paid well enough. But given the chance, she wants to start her own security agency and solve the issues of low pay in the profession.

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