Multilingual Foreigner Wakes Up Speaking Korean After Medical Procedure

South African YouTuber Lindie Botes started speaking Korean when she woke up from anesthesia, despite never having lived in Korea before.

Lindie Botes is a YouTuber based in South Africa, who makes videos primarily about language learning, in particular, Korean, Mandarin, French, and Japanese.

Recently, she uploaded a video of herself waking up from anesthesia after she had an endoscopy, speaking fluent Korean to her friend who didn’t know which language she was speaking.

Lindie frequently complained about how she was feeling dizzy and that she had stomachaches, and she even managed to fit in a couple curse words! Despite her friend replying to her only in English, Lindie continued to speak Korean back to her.

She later explained that, strangely, she tends to speak Korean every time she wakes up from anesthesia and goes back to speaking English only when she has fully regained consciousness.

Check out the hilarious video below!