“Music Bank” Director Reveals Whether K-Pop Idols Are Still Able To Interact With Each Other Backstage

Fans love to see idol x idol interactions!

There’s nothing fans love more than their favorite idols interacting with each other when it comes to music shows. Aside from their busy schedules, shows like KBS‘s Music Bank might be the only chances these artists have to talk to their friends or meet new ones.

ATEEZ & TXT on Music Bank | KBS WORLD TV/ YouTube   

The director of Music Bank, Han Kyuong Cheon, recently sat down for an interview and spoke all about the elements that go into creating the show. One of the things he spoke about was how waiting rooms were allocated and also whether the idols interact backstage.

Han Kyuong Cheon believes that the newer idols have a very different mentality than those of the past. He explained that these idols “tend to prioritize their personal lives and space.

However, he added that this might not be due to their age but more because of the circumstances that many have dealt with since debuting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely difficult for artists to move around waiting rooms and interact with each other freely.

Yet, even with uncertain times, Han Kyuong Cheon hopes that this will change in the future and the artists can start interacting which each other without the heavy restrictions.

When the pandemic is over, maybe we’ll be able to go back to socializing a bit more. Then we’ll have artists going out handing out their albums to idols they respect and having them uploaded to their SNS accounts.

— Han Kyuong Cheon

Fingers crossed that the artists will be able to meet sooner rather than later because there is nothing fans love more than seeing their biases interact with each other! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: KBS WORLD TV and FI