“Music Bank” Had A Hilarious Response To TXT Soobin’s Tweet About A Rival Music Show

They got jealous.

TXT‘s Soobin is known as the lovable MC for Music Bank. However, Music Bank seemed to get a little jealous when he tweeted about a rival music show, M! Countdown.

Soobin tweeted in anticipation for the show.

This is Soobin! Finally, M!Countdown is here. Did you watch today’s performance? In case I would bloat up, I really wasn’t going to eat late night snacks but I’m so hungry today so I have to have some chicken before I turn in tonight. So my face might be a little bloated tomorrow…

— Soobin

Music Bank retaliated with a very apt meme of a sleeping ahjussi and the caption, “Dad won’t sleep.

Fans found the meme hilarious as Music Bank had wanted to use that particular meme so much, they posted it on social media even though it was from a rival network, tvN. The meme is used when you want to express your love for someone (your kid) but you end up not being able to stay awake to pay attention! It seems like Music Bank wanted to claim Soobin as theirs even though they wouldn’t tune in to M!Countdown!

Despite the hilariously petty social media spat, we’re sure the relationship between Soobin and Music Bank is as loving as ever.