“Music Bank” Stage Sets With The Most Ridiculously Related, Yet Irrelevant, Set Designs Ever

They’ll have you giggling.

Music show sets come in all sorts of designs and colors, with some going far and beyond to portray beautiful scenery, and others even bringing in structures. However, these two sets from Music Bank take the cake for the most ridiculous sets, precisely because they are both related yet irrelevant!

When SEVENTEEN was promoting “BOOMBOOM”…

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…the set featured two comical cartoon characters that had fans puzzled. Turns out, it was related to an oldschool trio called Nami and Boom Boom!

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When Baek Ayeon was promoting her single…

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…fans were confused as to why the characters “Zn” were on stage. Turns out, “ayeon” means “zinc” in Korean. On the chemical charts, zinc is represented with “Zn”.

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These stage designs sure had fans rolling on the floor with laughter after they found out the odd meaning behind it!

Source: theqoo