Music Composers Reveal What It’s Really Like Working With JYP Entertainment Idols

They’ve created songs for some huge names!

JYP Entertainment has some of the biggest and most popular groups in K-Pop, from TWICEITZYStray KidsDAY62PM, and many more. Although J.Y. Park and the artists are involved in writing the songs, a group of composers is there helping to create hits!

JYP music composers KOBEE and Holy. M recently sat down with AYO and discussed everything from how to become a composer, writing iconic JYP songs, and much more!

In particular, KOBEE is known for writing some of ITZY’s biggest hits, such as “Not Shy” and “Kidding Me.” One of the questions the pair was asked was what it was like working with the ITZY members.

As expected, like most people would, Holy. M explained how flustered he initially was. With all of the members of ITZY being top visuals along with their status as 4th-generation leaders, it was no surprise that this was his reaction.

I hadn’t really seen many celebrities before. So I was like, ‘Where is this? Who am I?

— Holy. M

For KOBEE, it was a huge change for him when he started working with the group, which made him nervous. Yet, it was the personalities of the ITZY members that helped put him at ease.

It was my first time directing such a huge team, so I got really nervous. But, when I asked ITZY about things, they answered so well, like, ‘I think it’s like…’ So I was able to record in a comfortable and fun atmosphere.


Another well-known group at JYP is Stray Kids, and they have gained attention for the songwriting skills of the sub-unit 3RACHA (Bang ChanChangbin, and Han.) The next question asked whether their producing and writing talent meant that the composers didn’t have much work.

KOBEE explained that the statement was half-wrong and half-right. In particular, he discussed what it was like working on the group’s recent track “Mixtape: OH” which saw the return of Hyunjin! Although he explained that they didn’t have to do much, it was still a collaboration of ideas.

Working on the song ‘OH’ with them, we didn’t really need to do much since they understood the song well and gave lots of opinions. We shared ideas on parts we needed to think harder about.


He also added that, although they didn’t need to do as much, it wasn’t as if they did nothing as the track was a collaboration effort between them and the members.

We directed it together, suggested an idea while composing, and we all finish up. Half right. Half wrong.


It seems as if, despite their fame and popularity, the JYP artists are still respectful and know how to work well with those around them! For many fans, it also shows just how hard composers work to help create amazing songs, despite not getting much, if any, credit for them!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO