BTS’s Jin Gets Praised For Spreading Self Compassion In Korean Society

“The message to ‘Love Yourself’ didn’t pop out of nowhere…”

In the latest edition of Korea’s Sisain Magazine, music critic Randy Seo shed light on BTS‘s Jin and how he practices self compassion in a way that motivates the Korean society to do the same.


The critic began praising Jin by pointing out that he, as the oldest member of the team, may have planted the idea of “self compassion” in the group.

One of BTS’s past albums is themed ‘Love Yourself’. As the title suggests, the album delivered hopeful commentary on how to fall in love with oneself. Could it be the members have come of age? The group has steered away from their debut ‘No More Dream’ type of concepts. There must have been a number of influences behind how BTS have come to spread self-compassion. From within, though, it most likely stems from the oldest member Jin.

— Randy Seo


According to the critic, and as ARMYs have come to know him, Jin is said to be playful and all-accepting.

Jin is the oldest member but he is not the leader. (RM, who is two years younger than Jin, is the leader.) In fact, Jin is well known to be a hyung who is not hyung-like at all. The youngest member Jungkook often teases Jin for being childish. Jin is, as captured in BTS’s Bangtan Bomb YouTube series, always fooling around with his younger teammates and breaking down all boundaries.

— Randy Seo


Randy Seo praised this wholeheartedness to be Jin’s strongest attribute…

BTS’s leadership roles are distributed by characteristics. The team leader RM is in charge of communicating between members, with the agency, and in interviews. The choreography leader J-Hope is in charge of rehearsing the dance moves and directing the performances. As for Jin, his leadership role deals with members’ lifestyles and mental health conditions. Unlike the other members who began training in the ages of middle to high school, Jin signed his contract after he got into college. This means, when he first met his teenaged teammates, he probably had some sense of autonomy already. As that leading adult figure, Jin took care of his young teammates by giving them rides to school, making them special meals for birthdays and holidays, packing lunches for examination days — and in doing so, taught the members the idea of caring for one another.

— Randy Seo


… which inevitably led to the birth of self-compassion.

This ‘care’ didn’t stop with simply looking after the members. As far as the career of a K-Pop idol goes, competition is inescapable. Hence, idol group members are often very anxious and commonly too harsh on themselves. BTS members experienced this too. Until they made it big, they weren’t big. So the members have all shared that they found their own ways to overcome the underdog days. As for Jin, he abided by the quote which ARMYs have come to embrace as well, “You’re the only one who needs to know how hard you tried.” While at first it sounds humble, this phrase is actually peak self compassion. It is telling Jin (and us) to acknowledge his effort, respect his time, and appreciate himself. And that is, ultimately, his self-care.

— Randy Seo


Jin’s ability to be kind to himself has inspired his teammates…

UC Berkeley’s psychology professor Serena Chen once said this ‘self compassion’ of fully understanding and not evaluating oneself becomes good practice to be compassionate toward others as well. Self compassion helps a person have a growth mindset and adds authenticity to relationships. This explains why BTS members always thank Jin for helping them find inner peace. Jin tries hard, but at the same time he is optimistic and forgiving. This inspired some of the other members who are too strict with themselves.

— Randy Seo


… and ARMYs alike. The critic concludes, it must have been Jin’s keen ability to see himself, appreciate himself, forgive himself, and accept himself, that ultimately led BTS to preach loving oneself.

RM once described Jin to be ‘fierce even though he doesn’t look so.’ Jimin also commented that it had been difficult to understand Jin at first, but in the end he turned out to be right about everything. As BTS are known to sing about what is most important to them at the time, it is obvious that the theme ‘Love Yourself’ didn’t pop out of nowhere — but rather, it came from within the group, with Jin inspiring the idea.

— Randy Seo


Now, especially since the world has come to be full of constant competition and doubt, there is nothing more important than self compassion — and BTS are helping the world see this unchanging fact.

Source: THEQOO