You’ve Heard Of The Kimchi Slap… But Here’s Yoon Jisung And NU’EST JR’s Naengmyun Slap

The epic scene is from a drama they’re doing together.

Slaps are probably one of the pillars of television shows but K-Dramas are built different. There’s always a variety of slaps available.

You have your regular good ‘ole fist slap…


…a handbag slap for the jilted lover…

A doenjang (beanpaste) slap for when you need to get creative with what you have…

…and of course, the iconic Kimchi slap!


K-Drama viewers were treated to a whole new kind of slap with Let Me Be Your Knight. While fans of the Produce 101 series will be pleased to note the reunion of familiar faces NU’EST’s JR and former Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung, brace yourselves for what’s about to come next.

Things escalated in a scene where the boys were eating as a group. As they play members in the same idol group, everyone was peacefully eating delivery food in the dorms. JR mixes up a bowl of naengmyun (cold noodles) that will soon become very important in the scene.

Unfortunately, as Yoon Jisung’s character moves to grab a piece of rice cake, it flips onto JR’s pristine, white shirt.

All hell breaks loose and we get our Naengmyun slap scene that’s sure to become a famous meme.

Check out the full clip below!

We’re sure that the boys are delighted to get to work with each other once again! Be sure to catch Let Me Be Your Knight for more antics. The drama is about a tour guide, played by Jung In Sun, who acts as a fake psychiatrist and moves into an idol group’s dorm to help cure their leader of sleepwalking.