Naeun and her agency will take legal action against anti-fan

Apink‘s Naeun directly responded to one anti-fan who had been consistently leaving malicious comments on her Instagram posts.

Son Naeun recently updated her Instagram with a photo of herself in Los Angeles, California, to which one user by the username “eddie39r” left sexually malicious comments on it.

Most of his comments called Naeun offensive names, while some of them even sexually attacked her underage sister, Son Sae Eun, and also her mother.

Some of his comments included the following:

“Son Naeun p**sy sl**ty p**sy”
iKON‘s B.I licked Son Naeun’s p**sy like a dog and f**ked it !!!”
“Son Naeun is an ugly sl*t who can’t act and she’s a retarded comfort woman who murders by abortion.”
“Son Naeun is a child with no breasts ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“Son Naeun you fucking idiot, PSY’s nothing now but you’re starring in his music video? Fucking idiot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“Son Naeun you kimchi bitch (slang for materialistic women), don’t spread the dirty smell of kimchi in America’s California and fuck off !!!”
“Comfort women from the war are fucking sl*ts, prostitutes, and voluntary wh*res !!!”
“The bitches in Apink are the modern war comfort women !!”
“Son Naeun is a dirty bitch who gives sexual favors.”
“The bitch Son Naeun is a fucking murderer who got pregnant and got an abortion. For a bitch who claims she’s Catholic.. She murdered a baby”

— @eddie39r on Instagram

According to online community portals, these comments were only a fraction of the comments he wrote. Others included sexually disturbing comments about Naeun’s underage sister Saeeun and even her mother.

In response, Son Naeun left a reply directly addressing the anti-fan by telling him to stop leaving malicious comments, and in particular, cursing about her family members.

“Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve cursed out my family? If you hate me then only diss me. Stop saying such ridiculous things.”

— Son Naeun

Fortunately, Naeun’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, revealed that they had finished gathering the evidence, and that they were in the process of taking strong legal action against the malicious commenters.

“We will be taking strong legal action without leniency against those who spread groundless speculations and sexual insults to our artists, so as to protect them from defamation and malicious rumors that cross the line.”

“A lawsuit in regards to these thoughtless and malicious rumors is already in progress. We have prepared all the evidence required for this case, and we will continue to take legal action to prevent this from happening again.”

— Insider at Plan A Entertainment

Source: Joy News 24 and Instiz