Naked Thai Food Delivery Rider Gives Baffling Reason Behind Public Indecency

Here’s what happened.

In 2020, a food delivery rider from Bangkok, Thailand, went viral for his lack of clothing on the job.

Botsin Dueanchamroon, then 24 years old, was captured on video riding a motorcycle while naked. He had the signature hot pink FoodPanda delivery bag attached to his vehicle.

66-Year old taxi biker Bai Aumaoom shared with local news sites that he saw the man park his motorcycle in front of Wat Hua Pom Nok before taking off his clothes, walking around, and riding his motorbike—sans clothing, of course.

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Botsin went to the police station later that day and turned himself in. He admitted to being the person behind the viral public indecency video. Instead of apologizing profusely, he gave a simple explanation behind his actions: he rode around naked on his work motorcycle due to a “personal problem.”

The perpetrator did not elaborate any further, leaving it up to the imagination of netizens to connect the dots.

He was let off with a ฿500 THB ($14 USD) fine.

Source: Thaiger

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