Nam Joo Hyuk’s Fans Apologize For Inappropriate Behaviour At Filipino FanCon 

They apologized for excessively grabbing Nam Joo Hyuk and pushing Dara.

A fan club voiced out their thoughts on the incident that involved Filipino fans constantly touching Nam Joo Hyuk inappropriately at a fan event in the Philippines. 


The incident raised concerns from fellow fans after clips of the fangirls not respecting his personal space surfaced online. 

Nam Joo Hyuk Suffers From Fan Girls Constantly Touching Him Inappropriately at Filipino FanCon


The reaction towards the incident caused a lot of anger from the online community further citing the lack of management and inappropriate fan etiquette as the main concern. 


Inadvertently, a local fan club issued an apology in behalf of the fans. 


But it has already raised concerns towards fan behaviour at an event followed by possible limitations so an incident like this cannot occur in the future.