Nam Taehyun Has Completely Transformed His Image And No Longer Looks Like An Idol

Since leaving WINNER, Nam Taehyun has undergone a number of transformations, arguably the most significant of which is the change in his public image.

Before leaving WINNER, Taehyun looked wholesome, innocent, and sharply dressed.

Now, Nam Taehyun openly flaunts his many tattoos on stage…

and even smokes!

Now, Taehyun looks more like a rock god on stage than an idol when he holds concerts with his new band South Club!

While with WINNER, Taehyun gave off a softer, cuter vibe and fans loved seeing him in a suit.

But Nam Taehyun has certainly shown that he can look good with any style he chooses, whether the look is dark rocker or cleaned up idol!

Source: Joins

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