Nam Taehyun Trying To Recruit Again After Deleting Tumblr Post

After his previous post about recruiting members for his new band was deleted, Nam Taehyun has taken to his Tumblr again to search for band members.

The singer/songwriter made a post in English on January 5th, stating his interest in making a band and asking musicians to contact him. Although it has since been deleted, he has returned to Tumblr once again, this time writing in Korean.밴드-남성-연주자-모집합니다

In English it reads:

Drums, Piano, Bass, etc.

Please send a self-introduction, performance videos, and photos.

If you play the songs that I have posted to my SoundCloud, you can show the best performances.

We are only recruiting for these four fields.

Please write in Korean,

We will contact you after reviewing.

The singer/songwriter promised to continue making music after it was announced he wouldn’t be continuing activities with YG and WINNER in November 2016 and has been actively posting his self-produced music to SoundCloud since.