NATURE’s Loha Proudly Showcased Her Love For BLACKPINK’s Rosé At The Airport

Loha is a Rosénator!

It’s official, NATURE‘s Loha is a Rosénator!

A person’s phone lock screen can tell you a lot about a person especially since most people customize their lock screens with something special and meaningful to them. Recently Loha let everyone get a good look at her lock screen and it’s putting a smile on the faces of LEAF and BLINK alike!

Image: @nature_nchworld/Twitter

A few days ago, NATURE stunned at the airport after finishing up a recent schedule, and in particular, Loha captured a lot of attention and hearts with her casual and comfy yet sweet and feminine style and gorgeous visuals.

Image: @TD_nature/Twitter

Soon, however, Loha was capturing everyone’s attention for another reason. Turning her phone around to show fans, Loha gave everyone a clear look at what she had set as her lock screen — a picture of BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!

Image: @TD_nature/Twitter

This particular picture was a stunning selca that Rosé had uploaded to her Instagram account back in May 2019 and seeing Loha use it had hearts everywhere melting.

To top it off, Loha cheerfully sent out a whole bunch of finger hearts as she posed with her phone and the pic of Rosé!

Image: @TD_nature/Twitter

Loha isn’t the only member of NATURE who is a fan of Rosé either! Previously, Haru had been spotted with a Rosé background of her own during an episode of NATURE Diary. And after seeing Loha showcase her love for Rosé too both LEAF and BLINK alike have been feeling the effects and are loving every single thing about this adorable moment!

Source: @TD_nature