Nayeon Surprises Fans With Her Sexy Dance During TWICE Concert

TWICE’s Nayeon is not usually known for her sexuality on stage, but she’s turning that on its head in this video of her on their TWICELAND tour.

Nayeon has always been known for her irresistible aegyo – her innocent features sometimes even making her look like an adorable bunny. This time, however, TWICE‘s oldest member became a sensual dance machine, leaving the K-Pop community speechless. It’s no secret Nayeon can definitely pull off more mature and sexy look, as these stage outfits prove, but it wasn’t until now that fans could see there is no doubt Nayeon can turn into a legendary girl crush within seconds.

During their TWICELAND tour, Nayeon, along with members Sana, Momo, and Chaeyoung, performed this sexy dance to Beyoncé‘s hit song “PARTITION”. Not only did the audience have a chance to “CHEER UP”, they also got to shout “OOH AHH” out loud. You can clearly hear the fans go wild as her fierce moves set the stage on fire!