Nayeon Uses Two Unexpected Tactics To Get A Response In TWICE’s Group Chat

She has secret tricks for when the members don’t answer 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently shared the “secrets” of her charms as a K-Pop idol in a video with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.

While chatting with the fashion magazine, Nayeon spilled on the unexpected strategy she uses to get the attention of the younger members in TWICE’s famous group chat, especially when they don’t open her messages.

TWICE’s Nayeon may be the oldest member of the group, but she’s also one of the first to admit that her fellow members treat her more like a younger group member, and she doesn’t mind at all.

She does mind when the younger members don’t look at the messages she sends in TWICE’s group chat.

Luckily, she has a few techniques up her sleeves to get the members to check her messages.

[The] members don’t really look at funny links I send, but I act like something is wrong. Like OMG what?! Look, look!

— TWICE’s Nayeon

When pretending like the link is more urgent doesn’t work, she uses her secret weapon… begging.

Nayeon hilariously revealed that when she begs, “at least a few members take a look.

She shared that Jeongyeon is the TWICE member who looks at what the other members send the most and is the most active in the group chat.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon (left) and Nayeon (right) | @twicetagram/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Nayeon has opened up about their group chat. She previously shared in a video with Tzuyu in 2022 that she checks the group chat messages right away while waiting to reply to other texts.

When my friends text me, I don’t check it right away, but I check the messages in our group chat right away. I think it’s become my habit because I feel like there might be something funny.

— TWICE’s Nayeon

In another video from last year, the TWICE members may have accidentally revealed a second group chat that leader Jihyo didn’t know about. Check out more on that in the article below!

TWICE May Have Accidentally Revealed They Have A Separate Group Chat Without Their Leader

Source: YouTube


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