TWICE’s Nayeon Never Replies To Messages Right Away—Unless They’re From The TWICE Group Chat

Here’s why she makes an exception for it.

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Tzuyu recently enjoyed a lunch date together. They talked about everything from Tzuyu’s popularity during debut to the member they can’t imagine being left alone with.

Nayeon (left) and Tzuyu (right) | @twicetagram/Instagram

Nayeon also brought up the topic of TWICE’s group chat. She described it as being very “busy” and “fun.” From the looks of it, it sounds like the members are always messaging each other!

You know the TWICE group chat is really busy. Our group chat is really fun.

— Nayeon

According to Nayeon, she isn’t the type of person to reply to texts immediately. When it comes to the group chat, however, she’s always eager to know what was sent—just in case it’s funny.

When my friends text me, I don’t check it right away, but I check the messages in our group chat right away. I think it’s become my habit because I feel like there might be something funny.

— Nayeon

| @twicetagram/Instagram

She also described how she doesn’t hesitate to text her members whenever something makes her feel mad or sad. No matter what she’s sending, she knows they will understand her.

When something makes me angry, or I get sad about something, I feel like I can tell you about it. I have eight girls who will empathize with me.

— Nayeon

Upon hearing Nayeon’s words, Tzuyu excitedly said, “Right, because we spent such a long time together.”

Nayeon agreed and added that because of the many years they’ve spent together, they “like each other more now than before.” Their bond deepens with each year that passes!

The nine of us lived together for a long time. It’s the same now. It’s really amazing. I think we like each other more now than before.

— Nayeon

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Aside from discussing her messaging habits, Nayeon also talked about not having many friends. Check out how Tzuyu reacted to the confession here:

TWICE’s Nayeon Says She Doesn’t Have Many Friends, And Tzuyu’s Response Is Heartwarming

Source: YouTube


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