NCT 127’s Design For Their First Album Has A Clever Meaning That’s Still Leaving Fans Shook

It’s been over five years, and many fans are just discovering it.

NCT 127 made waves with their debut title track “Fire Truck” and fashion sense that was ahead of its time.

Proving they’re always coming up with creative ideas, fans remembered the clever meaning they worked into the cover for that album.

Taeyong | @NCTsmtown_127

When taking a first or second glance at the NCT #127 cover artwork, many fans thought it was just a unique camouflage pattern. The pattern that’s repeated is actually a shape that ties into the group’s name.

“NCT #127” album cover art. | SM Entertainment

Fans realized the shape was a map of Seoul, which tied into the longitude of Seoul that’s in NCT 127’s name.

Map of Seoul, South Korea. | Seoul Solutions

Until this day, fans are still mindblown over the clever way NCT 127 worked Seoul into their artwork, calling it a show of genius.

Whether you’re discovering this for the first time or had known all along, it shows just how clever NCT 127 is.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127