The NCT 127 Dance Move So Dangerous It Injured Taeyong’s Back

Yuta’s worries about the dance move were proven right.

Out of all of NCT 127‘s choreographies, there was one dance move that turned out to be more dangerous than it looked, especially for leader and skilled dancer Taeyong.

Taeyong | Inkigayo

During the group’s interview for MMTG, host Jae Jae put the spotlight on their fan-favorite song “Cherry Bomb” and the dance move where half the members lean back like a scene out of The Matrix.

While Taeyong crowned the move as “quite dynamic,Yuta shared a concern, “I was always worried about the others.Jaehyun clarified what made it so worrying, “Because we always have a mic pack.

Proving their worries right, Taeyong recalled a moment where the move caused him an injury. He revealed, “I was doing that, and my mic pack poked right at my spine.

Even Yuta remembered the incident, saying, “It gave him so much back pain.” Because Taeyong has had back pain on and off since before their debut, the pain hit deeper.

Fortunately, it seems the members have discovered the best way to execute the dance move without any further injuries. See Taeyong and Yuta discuss the dangerous move that could easily go wrong.