NCT 127’s Doyoung’s Fan Meeting Was Interrupted By The Funniest Delivery

Video calls may be just a little too convenient 🤣

Due to social distancing and prioritizing everyone’s safety, idols aren’t able to meet their fans at music show performances or fan meeting events. They’ve found one way to overcome that obstacle: online fan meetings.

From the comfort of their home, NCTzens can briefly chat with the members of NCT 127. During Doyoung‘s turn with a fan, he experienced a hilarious situation that arose from the new method.

As Doyoung was speaking with the fan, he suddenly heard a sound. He quickly recognized the chiming as the doorbell. His face lighting up in surprise, he asked them if they’d ordered anything.

They had. The fan had supposedly told Doyoung that they’d ordered from GongCha, a cafe popular for its tea, desserts, and food. Right after hearing that explanation, he couldn’t control his reaction.

Doyoung leaned back in his chair, clapping his hands together as he laughed up a storm at how the delivery had shown up right then.

After having a good laugh about the unexpected interruption, he made light of it. Doyoung pointed out how convenient it was for fans to eat and stay healthy at home—all while completing their virtual fan meetings.

Similar to live broadcasts, just about anything can happen during video calls. Thanks to Doyoung at the right time, everyone got to witness the funny interruption. See his hilarious reaction to the delivery here.