NCT 127’s Doyoung Chose The Perfect Song For A Fan’s Wedding

It’s so beautiful it’ll make everyone cry even more.

Although seeing a fan show up to an NCT 127 fan signing in a wedding dress was a total shock for Doyoung, he was just as surprised when discovering a fan’s engagement.

Since NCT 127 has so many songs that are ready for any occasion, Doyoung had the perfect one in mind when the fan asked for a bit of help on their wedding playlist.

Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

During one of NCT 127’s fan signings, a fan showed off her engagement ring to Doyoung and asked him for the “perfect wedding song” for her wedding that was happening within the year.

Doyoung chose an NCT U song that was sure to make the moment even more meaningful and bring a tear to everyone’s eye. He chose Xiaojun, Taeil, and Renjun‘s unit song “My Everything”. He even sang a bit of the lovely song for the fan.

Between the beautiful lyrics and the amazing vocals, Doyoung picked the perfect song for the occasion.

See Doyoung sing it for the fan here, along with the original. Congratulations to the fan on their wedding.